Making An Accurate Roofing Calculator Estimate

Maybe you have just experienced this same scenario. You are hiring a roofing team to come in to replace the roofing. Only, they mark up the roofing materials so much that you would have to endure 10 years of faulty roofing springing leaks to save up enough money for the project.

How to Calculate?

Fortunately, the roofer has a heart. They tell you that if you can get the materials yourself they will do the job for the cost of labor and travel, minus the marked up materials. The caveat is that they will not share with you exactly how much of everything to buy to complete the project.

In other instances, an extremely handy and brave household exists that is probably able to replace roofing themselves. The reason they can have confidence in their skill is that they have experience in this arena. The only problem is that they cannot recall how their dad made the calculation when they helped him replace the roof 10 years ago.

Fortunately, thanks to the instant magic of the Internet, the calculations are available online. It takes a few steps to start the process before any calculations can be done.

Important aspects of Roof Calculator

Start out by getting back on the roof. Measure rakes and eaves. This helps determine the measurements for the drip edge. Also, get the width and length of every part of the roof. Multiply LxW for every area of roofing done yourself, and then divide by 100. This determines the squares needed to purchase shingles and tar paper.

While up there, determine how much ridge and hip cap parts to buy. These special three-tab shingles cover 9.2 M, or 35 lineal ft.

Use 6 nails per shingle for Chicago or desert windy places. Everywhere else, use 4 nails on every shingle. Buy good galvanized roofing nails.

Now you can get started on your project. Be prepared, and always buy 10% more than you think you will need to ensure even minor setbacks to not ruin your project.

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